All quiet on the Westminster front

10 Oct 2019

After all the images and news clips over many months of the Houses of Parliament both inside and out of confusion and noise, it was a strange experience to walk through Central Lobby this week with footsteps echoing off the walls with no other sound.

Indeed the day began with trepidation of what to expect from the Extinction Rebellion protest in Parliament Square, but at 8am there was not a protestor to be seen, just commuters and a few early tourists outside the Palace of Westminster.

This being one of my long standing scheduled visits to House of Parliament by chance fell on the first day of the second proroguing of parliament in the lead up to the Queens Speech, so neither house was sitting. It was still a busy and successful day with lobbying and discussion at a number of meetings to continue to raise the awareness of the great work undertaken by the Intermediary and Lender community in helping businesses across the country, all done in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Upon returning to the outside world, there were still no pro or anti Brexit protestors around, the TV cameras were not anywhere to be seen, all taking the opportunity to rest before the next round begins.

Adam Tyler, Executive Chairman, FIBA