Our FIBA friends in the North

27 Nov 2019

For many years I have been coming to see Lenders in and around the North West and this is still a very regular occurrence. There may have been a few additions and some changes to others, but essentially the strong presence remains, indeed the North West Lenders have gone from strength to strength. Over the last two days, I have been into new expanded premises to see an increase the growing number of staff and into huge office buildings where lender employees number in the many hundreds. So, it is also great to have the time to talk and help a new SME lender in Manchester with the same ambitions and expectations that I have seen for many years with other Lenders who now occupy significant positions in the UK Specialist Lending market. Seeing old friends and newer faces is a real draw and I am already planning three more days in January alone to follow up and meet with our other FIBA friends in the North West.


Adam Tyler, Executive Chairman, FIBA