The format of these events is relatively simple in that attendees are welcomes by a FIBA representative, often followed by an introduction from a senior person from within the local business community and then followed by round table sessions where brokers and Lender Partners can really get to grips with the important topics.

What sets these events apart in this series is the FIBA Live Deal Room concept.

The Live Deal Room invites brokers to pitch real cases to individual Lender Partner panel members and obtain a view as if from a credit committee.

This has many benefits including discussion regarding what is expected of the broker when placing the case, an exploration of the key challenges to the deal and how to find the best route to drawdown.

Lenders will be able to:

  • Demonstrate what works for you as a Lender and what does not
  • Provide details to the attending brokers of the way in which you would want to see a case presented, giving them an understanding of different funding model appetites and constraints, as well as the risk curve and the management of expectations involved in the case.

Where deal particulars become available we will look to have these on screen and shown in real time.

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