It is getting a lot busier

19 Jun 2020

At this time, you can only listen to and read so much about the changes we have adopted during the pandemic, and to be frank I have written on this subject a lot, but, it’s hard not to wander back to the subject when you have had days that have included seven video calls of different varieties, some recorded for future use and all done in the space of 8 hours.  Output during this period is prolific – and I don’t just refer to myself here, we are all working at break neck speeds, packing more meetings in that ever before, looking at topics with a new level of creativity – and in the case of FIBA , looking to keep our members as informed as possible.

In addition, in the market, there is definitely an increase in activity, good deals, commercial propositions that can be placed with a choice of different lenders. But we must weigh this against the number of lenders who are currently active in the market. As we all know the asset in the property market is key, and those with the capital to deploy need to be confident that the value of that asset is sufficient to meet lending criteria both now and in the near future.

A week that can be viewed in a variety of ways with all sorts of different requests and actions with long days needed to accomplish all the tasks, day after day, but one that can be summed up in two words -  extremely busy