Masthaven announces its plans to withdraw from UK markets – Important Business Deadlines

03 Feb 2022

Following the announcement that Masthaven Bank is to withdraw from UK lending market over the next two years. There are some important deadlines of which you should be aware.

Pipeline business

2nd February 2022 - All Mortgage and Bridging products will be withdrawn from sale. Any DiPs will need to be submitted by 5.30pm.

4th February 2022 - Application deadline for accepted Mortgage and Bridging DiPs.

28th February 2022 - Deadline for binding offers to be issued for Mortgage and Bridging applications.

All offers will be honoured in line with Masthaven’s terms and conditions, and they will continue to consider extensions on residential and buy to let mortgage offers in line with current process. All procuration fees will continue to be paid as normal.

Masthaven reiterates its commitment to processing all pipeline business as quickly as possible and will work with you to get the best outcome for you and your customers.

Following this announcement phone lines may be busier than normal so to help you understand how this impacts you and your customers, please read their


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