Hope Capital launches Discounted Rate product

04 Jun 2020

Bridging lender Hope Capital today launches a new product which gives borrowers control and flexibility of their cashflow.

The Discounted Rate loan is designed to help borrowers achieve the balance between affordability, optimal loan amount on day one, cashflow and Loan to Value.  Interest is set at a lower rate for the first six months, resulting in lower monthly repayments for the customer, making the loan as affordable as possible. 

With initial rates starting from just 0.54% per month, this product is an attractive proposition to borrowers where cashflow is a priority.

The discounted rate is available on serviced or part-serviced loans and has a minimum 12-month term, with six months being at the lower discounted rate and the remainder at the non-discounted rate.

For example, a borrower purchasing a residential property requiring some light refurbishment prior to being rented out, would benefit from low monthly repayments during the period of receiving no rental income.  Once the property is tenanted and income coming in, the borrower can afford the increase in monthly repayments.  In addition, monthly payments can reflect the repayments of any future remortgage, which may help build and provide a satisfactory credit profile, when implementing their exit strategy.

This new product is part of the Hope Capital Custom Collection which comprises six different products, features and options, all of which are designed to give the most suitable solution for the borrower.  By providing this collection of products, Hope Capital enables brokers to offer their clients a loan that is truly customised to meet their needs. Full details on the Custom Collection can be found on the Hope Capital website https://hope-capital.co.uk/products/the-custom-collection/

Jonathan Sealey, CEO of Hope Capital, said: “We’ve listened to our brokers and borrowers and understood their need for a new, flexible, affordable and accessible product. We’re excited to be launching the Discounted Rate product which helps us meet the needs of our customers.  

“Naturally, the Hope Capital team works closely with brokers and borrowers to create a loan that best suits the borrowers needs and circumstances, being flexible and transparent throughout the process.”

To find out more about Hope Capital call 0345 494 0708 or email hello@hope-capital.co.uk