FIBA's regional workshop programme will introduce the FIBA Live Deal Room

21 Mar 2018

The April leg of FIBA’s year long series of regional events has been unveiled with an invitation to all brokers to meet the FIBA team and interact more closely with FIBA’s partner lenders in the Live Deal Room.

This is one of a number of innovations to bring lenders and brokers closer together.

The Live Deal Room is where brokers will be able to pitch real cases to individual lender partner panel members and obtain an exclusive view as if from a credit committee, leading to a discussion on the broker requirements, what challenges the deal presents and finding the best route to drawdown.

Lenders will be able to demonstrate, what kind of cases work for them, and providing guidance on the optimum way to present a case, insight into different funding model appetites and constraints, and an understanding of the risk curve and how to manage expectations.

April’s events calendar:-

Tuesday 10th April Manchester Hallmark Hotel - Manchester Airport
Wednesday 11th April Leicester Jurys Inn - Hinckley Island
Thursday 12th April North London Village Hotel - Watford, London

FIBA Executive Chairman, Adam Tyler, commented:

“We are pioneering a new approach to broker workshops through these events, by bringing lenders and intermediaries into a much closer and collaborative relationship than ever before. The FIBA Live Deal Room will enable participating brokers to pitch deals directly to decision makers, and see in real time how they reach decisions and the factors they take into account. In order to make the session more interactive, we are considering an opportunity where deal particulars become available and put on a screen in real time.

“Much has been said about the importance of making sure that communication between lenders and brokers is improved. Part of our mission at FIBA is to ensure that our members have access to the best that lenders have to offer, which is why we are organising events like this, to manage expectations and educate all participants in a way that leads to closer ties and better business outcomes.”

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