Roma Finance enhances speedy processing channel while holding rates

05 Jul 2022

Roma has extended the product ranges available on RomaFLOW and introduced electronic signatures to the process

Roma Finance has enhanced the RomaFLOW process following its unwavering success, resulting in a loan book that has doubled in size since the launch.

The enhancements are being made with no increase to rates since the Bank of England base rate increase. Rates with Roma start at 0.59%.

RomaFLOW, which already significantly speeds up the bridging and auction application to completion process, will now be available on light refurbishment products too. In addition, Roma is introducing electronic signatures to speed up the process even further.

The streamlined processing channel has fewer stages, reduced documentation and enhanced technology to help move cases smoothly to offer and completion. RomaFLOW ensures 80% of bridging cases are completed in under 28 days.

Roma requires just three things from brokers on submission and will use cutting edge technology to do the rest, while maintaining the expectations of a dedicated underwriter, case processor and that intelligent touch. On straightforward cases, solicitors will be instructed within 24 hours.

Steve Smith, sales director at Roma, said: “ We announced that speed was back with RomaFLOW in September 2021. We’ve worked really hard to maintain this improved process for straightforward cases and continue to enhance it.

We know that brokers love Roma for our lending less ordinary approach but speed continues to be a major factor in the bridging market. We love to lend and are delighted we can now offer an enhanced RomaFLOW and also on more products.

“Brokers don’t need to do anything different. Just send in the case and, unless it’s particularly complex, we’ll put it into RomaFLOW and provide brokers and borrowers with much quicker turnaround times.”