It is not so different really

04 Jun 2020

I had an early morning call this week with a very experienced employer, who has 250 staff and has an office in Central London. The conversation began, “Do you know where I am”, I said “No”. He said, “At Euston, about to get a train to Manchester”

My initial reaction was ‘wow that’s amazing, someone getting a train to a business meeting!’ He added more exotic information by topping it off saying “… and I got the tube across London!”.

We have all done this thousands of times and have never given it a second thought, but I can take two prompts from this: firstly, that is probably the most normal travel I have heard of for a long while and how exciting it seemed, secondly, that is a significantly positive step for the business community.

Somewhat by contrast, last Friday, as part of a series of four exclusive webinars run by FIBA in conjunction with Roger Morris from Precise Mortgages, there were nearly 300 brokers who’d signed up to learn more in a single chapter on Taxation in the Buy to Let Industry.

It was a fantastic turn out, incredible given that the timing was 2pm on a very sunny Friday afternoon. It was also not a one-off, other chapters in the same webinar series have been receiving over 230 registrations, and even on a Friday afternoon before a Bank Holiday weekend!  A staggering difference to the pre-covid world or BC (Before Covid) as I have heard it referenced recently.

Does all this mean that we have embraced the future already?

Is there going to be a very much different ‘new norm’ – or will the bounce back be a bounce back in habits also? 

I have to say I am equally pleased to hear that someone is getting a train to a business meeting once again – and a regional one at that but am equally pleased to report that there are a significant number of brokers that have used their lockdown to develop their skills that will of course in the long run support their clients.  I feel sure the new norm will allow us to truly demonstrate the value of advice in our sector.