14 Mar 2024

Former Lloyds Bank chief economist, Professor Trevor Williams, set to examine key drivers for UK SME landscape in 2024

LHV Bank, one of the UK’s newest fully licenced banks is partnering with award-winning Blacks Solicitors to host an exclusive seminar at x+why, 100 Embankment, Manchester M3 7FA on 20th March 2024. Guest speaker, Professor Trevor Williams, will lead the session, providing SME lending brokers with an insight into some of the key economic trends and drivers that are likely to influence the UK SME landscape in 2024.

With over a decade’s experience as the chief economist for Lloyds Bank, Professor Trevor

Williams is renowned for his global perspective on economic factors that shape world economies. His expertise spans critical areas such as climate change, energy, and agriculture. During the LHV Bank/Black Solicitors event he will delve into economic trends and drivers, offering a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights on the factors that shape world economies.

Commenting on the event, Conor McDermott, Director of SME Lending said: “LHV Bank has committed to providing brokers operating in the SME lending space with a fit-for-purpose finance solution empowered by common sense decision making. Providing valuable insight into the market landscape and future opportunities and risks is an important part of that collaborative approach we take and we’re excited to be working with Blacks Solicitors on this seminar.”

Richard Morton, Head of the Banking & Finance team at Blacks Solicitors added: "Access to finance is an ongoing concern for SMEs and, in an ever-changing economic landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for SME lending brokers in the UK to effectively support their clients. Adaptability, resilience and innovation will be key for SMEs to navigate and thrive in 2024. The seminar aims to empower them to make informed decisions and drive success for their clients.”

The seminar will also provide a platform for networking with professionals from the financial sector, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Event timeline:

15.30 – Doors open

16.00 – Professor Trevor Williams’ talk and Q&A

17-18.00 – Networking

To register for the event visit www.lhv.com/rsvp/