Overseas mortgage expert to provide specialist lending services to FIBA brokers

19 Oct 2018

Simon Conn, the UK’s leading overseas property professional and financial advisor, has teamed up with the Financial Intermediary & Brokers Association (FIBA) to offer enhanced mortgage services to its members.

FIBA is the new trade body for UK-based finance professionals enabling them to deliver solutions and service to their clients, while meeting their regulatory obligations.

Simon has been in the overseas property market for more than 35 years and has worked successfully during that period for a number of major financial services companies. He will provide FIBA brokers with an enhanced commission fee for any successful sale as long as they approach him through the dedicated arrangements made available via FIBA’s website.

Simon has developed many connections within the overseas property and finance industry, resulting in a worldwide network of leading specialists to assist with local issues such as legal, insurance and currency exchange.

It can be a minefield dealing with overseas mortgages as different countries have different lending criteria to the UK. Simon can help with a range of issues and direct brokers away from the common mistakes. 

He can offer FIBA members access to a wide range of mortgages in more than 50 countries. The most popular property hotspots that he is currently involved in include parts of Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, USA and the Caribbean.

Adam Tyler, Executive Chairman at FIBA, said: “We are providing our members with the right connections in the Specialist Finance Industry and the ability to work with an expert in the overseas mortgage market is a welcome addition. I am hoping that this will create more potential opportunity for our Advisers and Brokers at FIBA.”

Simon said: “FIBA is an excellent resource and I’m delighted to be able to support my fellow members. Buying a property at home can be daunting enough, but purchasing abroad can be even more challenging with all the different legal matters, valuation issues, financial rules and, in many cases, the language barrier.

“However, I’m well versed in the pitfalls which could turn an overseas purchase or re-finance into a nightmare and can provide brokers and their respective clients with a steer on the numerous problems and solutions,” Simon continued.

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