FIBA commits to a 30-strong event programme in 2018

21 Feb 2018

FIBA, the new trade body for finance professionals, which had its inaugural conference in January, has announced 30 regional meetings for FIBA members and intermediaries interested in joining FIBA.

The first event is scheduled to take place in partnership with the ASTL at the United Trust Bank (UTB) headquarters in London on 22nd February at 3.30pm where FIBA and a select number of its members have been invited to participate in a discussion with a group of ASTL lenders, including UTB, on the topic of making the lending process simpler.

Future events are being held throughout the year, many of them in association with other trade bodies and organisations, with opportunities to meet FIBA committee members as well as taking part in wider panel and group discussions on industry matters. The planned events are available to view on the FIBA website.

According to FIBA chairman, Adam Tyler, FIBA is ready and able to meet the needs of finance intermediaries and is demonstrating its commitment to not only meeting as many advisers as it can over the course of the next year, but also working together with other bodies which share FIBA’s commitment to the needs of advisers everywhere.

He said, “When I said at the January conference that we were committed to hitting the ground running, I was not exaggerating. We have been working very hard to develop collaborative relationships with trade bodies and other organisations which represent advisers and the first fruits of that collaboration are already in place with our 30-strong events for 2018. My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting as many advisers as we can in the coming months to listen to their concerns and talk about how FIBA can help them build their businesses.”

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