Black & White Bridging choose Nivo to drive digital transformation of their onboarding and application journey

07 Jun 2021

Black & White Bridging has partnered with Fintech specialists Nivo to introduce a slick, App based application process to accelerate and improve the customer on-boarding experience and reduce their reliance on email communication.

South West based Black & White Bridging is a privately owned principal lender which has been providing short-term, non-regulated lending solutions to property professionals in the South of England since 2013. It has a strong, established reputation and a growing team of professionals with successful track records in short term property lending.

Rather than investing in an expensive and time-consuming internally developed solution, Black & White Bridging selected Nivo’s five-star reviewed app to provide a quick, intuitive, and secure way of communicating with customers during a loan application. The app will reduce Black & White’s use of email for communications and move instead to a smooth and easy to use mobile experience built on secure instant messaging with higher levels of security and ease of use than that provided by email. The lender has already found that the new process is reducing application turnaround times by several days.

Black & White customers are also able to use the Nivo App to provide E-signatures, biometric ID verification and share documents, such as bank statements and payslips with the lender simply and securely.

Announcing the successful Nivo integration, Damien Druce, Commercial Director at Black & White Bridging, commented:

"We decided to partner with Nivo as we wanted to overhaul and modernise our onboarding process for customers and replace a very manual process with app technology to improve customer experience. In addition, we wanted to be able to communicate more effectively with borrowers and have a channel that was different and more secure than email.”

“Nivo has enabled us to do all of this and drastically reduce our onboarding timescales, all whilst giving the client a modern and simple experience which is expected in the market today. Clients have also opted to download Nivo post-completion as an easier way to sign and deliver contracts and other requests, reducing the turnaround times by days."

Zach Thomas, Account Executive at Nivo, said:

“We’re constantly exploring ways to help lenders, brokers and customers interact more smoothly to reduce application times and improve conversions. We can deliver the Nivo app within the day, providing a cost-effective solution and a secure and seamless mobile journey which the customers of switched on lenders are more frequently coming to expect.

“Bridging is a fast-moving market where speed of application and completion makes a tangible difference to success rates. I’m delighted that Black & White Bridging have chosen Nivo to help transform their business and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact on their bottom line and working together to integrate further digital process and service enhancements.”

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