Mint Bridging teams up with FIBA at 'exciting time for the market'

17 May 2019

Adam Tyler, executive chairman of the Financial Intermediary & Broker Association (FIBA), says Mint Bridging have chosen to join the organisation in what is an exciting period for the market.

The award-winning, short-term bridging lender has just become the latest lender partner of FIBA, one of the UK’s key financial intermediary and broker associations.

And Tyler says the association is overjoyed that the business -- recognised in the industry for fast, flexible and fair lending -- has made the move to link up with FIBA. He added: “We are delighted that Mint Bridging have decided to join the FIBA Lender Panel at an exciting time in our market. As our lending proposition to members expands across the country and our membership continues to grow, we welcome Mint Bridging as a new lender partner here at FIBA.”

With more than 100 years of collective lending experience, Mint provides bridging, development and refurbishment loans as well as auction finance, re-bridging and commercial loans. In the near decade since it was formed, Mint says it has “has lent on a short-term basis in virtually every possible lending scenario. Mint’s lending operation complements the focus and ethos of FIBA and membership will allow Mint to add its voice to the partners which already exist within the association”. 

Mint says its aim is to "offer its range of industry competitive products to FIBA members and provide them with access to Mint’s dedicated underwriters to work with. Membership will also provide Mint’s management team with timely regulatory development news and allow it to be part of the code of ethics that affects the finance industry".

Andrew Lazare, managing director at Mint Bridging, added: “This is the perfect time for us to join FIBA. We are at a stage in our growth where our success is increasingly making us a key industry player. Mint is keen to contribute our growing experience and knowledge to engagement across the sector and help shape its potential, both through discussion of future legislation and the work that the forum does in sharing new ideas and best practice.

"Being a member will allow us to learn from other members too and will assist in the expansion of our business. As part of this key intermediary and broker association, Mint will stay ahead of trends relating to training and development, to provide the best possible service to our partners as well as aiding in the growth and retention of our staff. We are really looking forward to nurturing our membership with FIBA.”