UTB Mortgages launch WebChat and further product and criteria enhancements as the Bank continues its '#BrokerSummerSupportPackage'

05 Aug 2020

United Trust Bank(UTB) have revealed the next set of mortgage product, criteria and technology enhancements aimed at getting the mortgage industry back open for business in their #BrokerSummerSupportPackage campaign.

The first elements of the package,  launched in July and aimed at helping brokers to write more business in these challenging times, included UTB increasing the maximum LTV from 65% to 75% for self-employed borrowers and including 50% of regular additional income in calculations. The move was warmly welcomed by brokers in the specialist lending market.

The latest tranche of enhancements sees the Bank launch WebChat through its Broker Portal, additional criteria designed to improve the process for brokers helping professional contractors and a limited edition Second Charge product aimed at assisting customers with historic missed payments on unsecured credit  items.

1 – Webchat for real-time broker <> Lender communication

The latest digital enhancement from UTB is the launch of Webchat functionality within its existing broker portal. This will allow any registered mortgage brokers to submit new enquiries to the Bank online in real-time with immediate access to mandated underwriters. The system also enables brokers to discuss existing cases and supply information to UTB which would usually be passed by phone or email.

2 - Specific criteria for professional contractors

UTB has introduced specific mortgage lending criteria for professional contractors working in industries such as IT, healthcare, business management and other sectors where 6, 12, and 18-month contracts are common. Previously UTB included these types of roles within ‘self-employed’ criteria but the Bank expects this move will give brokers more clarity when advising and recommending a UTB product for professional contractors. 

3 – ‘Limited Edition’ second charge product 

UTB has also launched a ‘limited edition’ near prime second charge product for customers with historic unsecured payment ‘blips’ providing that the debts concerned are consolidated in the new loan.

Further mortgage product, criteria and service technology enhancements will be revealed over the next few weeks as the#BrokerSummerSupportPackage campaign continues. More information can be found here: 


Mike Walters, Sales Director- Property Intermediaries, United Trust Bank commented:“We’ve had a tremendously positive response from brokers to our #BrokerSummerSupportPackage. The increase of our maximum LTV for self-employed applicants certainly caused a stir in the marketplace and we’re hoping that these latest criteria and technology enhancements will be equally well received. Our aim is to help our broker partners write more business and make it easier for them to process applications with UTB. We know how important choice, speed and simplicity can be when placing specialist mortgage cases so we’re constantly reviewing our lending criteria and pushing boundaries with our implementation of smart FinTech solutions.

“Brokers are vital to the growth and success of the specialist mortgage market and we will do all we can to support them as they try to turn around a very challenging year.”