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Professional Partner Membership is based on a per firm basis. Please complete all sections

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Annual Payment Option
For annual payment, membership fees will be invoiced on receipt of this from. Payment will then be due within 30 days.

Monthly Payment Option
Membership fees will be taken by Direct Debit on the 27th of each month.


The Terms and Conditions for FIBA Membership can be found here.

FIBA will hold information about you and your dealings with us on our database for the purposes of administering our services, maintaining our relationship including providing a more personal level of service to you, improving customer care, research and analysis marketing our services and for legal and regulatory reasons. We will retain information for a reasonable period of time and we may share information about you for the purposes listed above (in the UK and abroad). By providing us with the relevant contact details for fax, mobile and email you consent to contact by these methods.