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The Role of the High Street

2024 proved to be a busy start to a year for both Lender and Professional Partners added to your panels in support of new business, education and possibly most importantly, in what remain changeable markets, greater opportunity to support your client’s requirements, no matter how complex their needs.

To enable you to get a better understanding of the nuances of each proposition, we are keen to support your insight.  NatWest have been a longstanding member of your lender panel and with the addition of HSBC and Lloyds Bank in January and February 23 we take a look at the commercial support provided by our three high street lenders, inviting our key contacts from each, to join us for a session where a number of key topics were discussed to give you a more detailed understanding of the way each looks to work with brokers, whether they really are open for business, their thoughts on the current markets and the opportunities they feel you might be keen to take advantage of in coming months.

Joining Martin Reynolds, FIBA Chair, for this discussion were:

  • Dave Furnival, Head of Broker Business Banking & International Retail, Commercial and Institutional Banking at NatWest.
  • Ian Coulson, Head of Commercial Brokerage at HSBC
  • Jon Wilcox, Head of Commercial Intermediaries at Lloyds Bank

Chapter 1  Get to know the High Steet Lenders, where we ask: ‘Are you really open for business?

Hear more about each representatives’ early aspirations when embarking on their careers in financial services to arrive where they are now, but more importantly, each clearly defines their propositional offering, what you can expect and how they believe they are very much open for business through broker channels.  Their growth aspirations are clear, and they are keen to further develop their broker business channels and develop additional strengths in SME funding.

They are all eager to be transparent in their engagement and have a sharp appetite to accept more brokers on to their panel, where some lending limits start as low as £25,001.


Chapter 2 – Thoughts on the wider markets

In this chapter our banks are asked about growth in the markets and the role they’ve perhaps played in enabling it.  We know demand is high, but there are affordability and stress rate challenges and within there is useful feedback in respect of a brokers role in providing the narrative lenders require regarding their client’s stories and how you can add value.


Chapter 3 – Looking forward

How the market may play out isn’t always the easiest of questions, particularly in a year that will see a general election in the UK and in a multitude of other worldwide countries.  Unrest in Ukraine and the Middle East will be a contributing factor too. Our participants offer their best guesses, which may surprise you.


Chapter 4   - What’s top of the agenda and opportunities for client support?

As with any challenges, there are always opportunities for those that are keen to look for them.  The high street banks are positioned to support and with creative thinking once the challenges and expectations are understood. All three offer their key suggestions and we leave you with the thought that at times of change, with people reaching out for advice in ways they haven’t done over the last 10 or more years, you can never really over communicate with your client on important matters.


In conclusion

NatWest, Lloyds Bank and HSBC are keen to do business and are driven to develop their panels.

If you’re not yet registered with one or all – make that call. 

As promised, here are the contact points and we encourage you to put them to the test.


Dedicated national BDM coverage across Business and commercial banking, asset finance and IF supported by dedicated relationship mangers subject to qualifying criteria and sector specialisms across REF, Healthcare, Leisure, Manufacturing and Agriculture

Direct Broker Contact Point:

Specialisms: brokerteam@natwest.com | www.natwest.com/business/business-services/

Alternative contact points are available here

Lloyds Bank

Specialisms: Dedicated sector teams for term lending – Healthcare, Trading & Real Estate

Direct Broker Contact Point

BrokerDevelopment@lloydsbanking.com | www.lloydsbank.com

Alternative contact points are available here


Specialisms: International, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Leisure, Healthcare, Trading Business.

Direct Boker Contact Point

uk.broker.scheme@hsbc.com | www.hsbc.co.uk