FutureBricks' survey targets property developers' pain points

02 Nov 2021

FutureBricks is studying the pain points faced by UK’s property developers. This ranges from site sourcing to project viability assessment to financing to finding the right skilled workers. An online survey of approximately 8 minutes began in mid-September and will be due to close at the end of November, welcoming property developers and industry experts alike in the sharing of their opinion and insights. The survey is available on Typeform through the link here:


The landscape for house building has vastly changed in the last few decades, with a noticeable decrease in new homes being built in the UK. FutureBricks is on the way to better understand the pain points property developers are facing and addressing them with a one-stop-platform tech solution––a PropTech named ‘Brickway Group Ltd.’ For the first time, a tech-driven company is ready to bring the fragmented property development industry in the UK under one roof.

FutureBricks’ Senior Underwriter, Gareth Ward, who has been in the industry for over 3 decades and seen its many facets, declared: “FutureBricks has always specialised in providing Bridging and Development funding for SME developers. We are excited to extend our offerings for Brickway which will further enhance the products and facilities available.”

“By reaching out to developers in our target market with this short survey, we want to hear what matters to your business and how we can tailor our products so they really work for you. We are all about working with our borrowers and contractors within the Bridging and Development arena and look forward to your input via our survey.”

FutureBricks’ Founder & CEO, Arya Taware, further added: “As a property entrepreneur you know how painful the process can be. Whether it's site sourcing, project viability analysis or financing, it's a cumbersome process. Why isn’t there a platform that combines each of these elements? That's what we want to do, making a process as smooth as possible. An end to end painless and seamless experience.”

This survey will be one of the many ways to better connect with property developers and the experts of the industry alike and to listen to them. To access the survey, click here: