Knowledge Bank partners with FIBA

06 Oct 2020

Knowledge Bank is partnering with the Financial Intermediary and Broker Association (FIBA) to offer its multi-award-winning criteria search system to FIBA’s members. The partnership will ensure FIBA members have the ability to search the widest range of both specialist and mainstream lenders’ criteria, saving hours of time, especially on more complex cases.

FIBA has seen an increase in the number of transactions in specialist finance with some lenders on the FIBA panel reporting record months over the past quarter. Every lender has different criteria, so as volumes rise it is crucial that brokers are able to quickly and easily identify which lenders can help their clients, no matter how complex the scenario.

Knowledge Bank provides FIBA members with the ability to search hundreds of specialist finance criteria in seconds. As many brokers don’t deal with all elements of specialist finance business every day, Knowledge Bank provides them with a unique insight into lenders’ criteria. It allows them to view the full scope of what is possible, sometimes with lenders they may never have considered. This wealth of information is only available via Knowledge Bank as it is the largest database of mortgage and loan criteria held anywhere in the UK.

Another critical area for FIBA members is the increasing scope of mortgage regulation. It is therefore essential that brokers can provide evidence of research to prove they are giving best advice, which is good practice on both regulated and unregulated cases. Knowledge Bank efficiently supports this requirement by giving a snapshot of the products available for each client at that particular point in time, based on criteria. This will contain details of both the client and the broker; it will be time and date stamped and can be imported straight into the broker’s CRM system.

Nicola Firth, CEO of Knowledge Bank, commented, “FIBA’s aim is to support financial intermediaries and deliver excellent products and services to their clients, which fits perfectly with our ethos. With the increase in specialist lending, Knowledge Bank is essential for brokers to see exactly which lenders will accept their cases. The searches take seconds and will help them to place more complex cases as well as their mainstream ones.  We look forward to supporting FIBA members to continue to deliver excellence for their clients.”

Adam Tyler, executive chairman of FIBA said, “Staying up-to-date on lending criteria is crucial for brokers and so we have partnered with Knowledge Bank as it has the most extensive range of criteria in the market and allows unlimited criteria to be searched at any time. We are strong admirers of the work undertaken by their award-winning team and we know that together we can provide an indispensable service to all of our broker members, our lender partners and, most importantly of all, their clients.

“This is the latest announcement in our plan to execute the rollout of a number of services and benefits for members and we will add more partnerships in the future.”